Friday, October 13

Does red wine stain lips?

I had some red wine tonight, (embarassing thing is I just spelt that as 'read') & also some white as it happens, with my meal, although not a lot as I knew I might be drinking later.

To the point: my lips now seem to be slightly purpulish. As far as I'm aware, there should be no other reason for this. I haven't eaten anything particularly strange. (Sweet chicken starter -- tastes more attractive than I can make it sound right now -- and, real italian pizza, ie the stuff with the thin base and ingrediants you can actually taste.)

Is it the red wine? It did taste very nice. Even though I'm verry sleepy now. & I expect the stain (if that's what it is) will come off with a dab of Aquafresh or Colgate. May be that it's the Colgate which is out tonight actually with my sister back.


superstar said...

life just a good

Katy said...

superstar - life just a good what? (Why am I blogging now? I *need* to find directions for tomorrow. Because of my non-existant sense of direction...)

SophieBob said...

Hehe, but you only had a few sips!! Aye x

Katy said...

Yeh, well, left its mark, I reckon