Friday, October 13

Can't fathom the quote from Larkin's bio.

Drafted something today, in lessons, which was mainly provoked by the psychological idea behind a quote in Larkin's biography (the Richard Bradford one). Having flicked through, I really can't fathom it, nor even which section I think it may be in. Need to return the books to the central library soon (they've already been renewed far too many times!) so am pondering whether it's worth re-scanning the whole thing -- at least, until I find the quote. It would just be SO apt! It was about the automatic sectioning of the self, which we instinctively do, much in the same way we change the register of our speech according to the situation. The analogy was fantastic though, and would sit fantastically as a little footnote to the poem. Just *can't* fathom it. That's the problem with reading and not bothering to write down specifically intriguing quotes. Even better is when you can scribble over the text with pencil, of course, but sadly not for library books.

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