Friday, October 27


I actually am feeling verrrry content. & Happy. But that goes with it, right? (Yeuck 'right'. I am lefty. I detest anti-lefty-ism, and yet I find myself using the word in such a phrase...) Mid-afternoon showers with the radio blasting aid such, believe me. Always believe me, only this time especially.

(I realise there haven't been many posts about writing recently. Or reading, in great depth. There will be some to come soon; again, just believe me on this.)


Sam said...

YAY! =] leftness is amazing! I'm glad you're happy =] Tis always good when people are happy =] Hehe... mid-afternoon showers are relaxing =] xxx

Katy said...

Of course it is. Yes, it is. & yes, I've developed a strange addiction to them. Pity there's such a thing as school, eh?