Sunday, October 29


He is at the very top of my 'interesting things' folder on my favourites.

Not enough people know about him.

Have a read, have a look, have a listen.

(& thank you for giving me the book in the first place.)

I don't want to ramble more about him, or waste your time when you could be having a look. Just have a look, please.

---- (Little interlude, again...)

PS - I left the mp3 at home, and my mobile. Aren't I lovely, eh?

PPS - I find myself adding 'so' at the end of each sentence again, when I'm speaking. It comes and goes in blips, but came from going to Germany. Argh.


Anonymous said...

I knew you'd like him and i guessed your reaction would have been similar to mine. It really is quite amazing what you can find in book shops in Wales in the middle of bloody nowhere. (Can't quite remember why I was in Wales actually. They say don't judge a book by it's cover, but that what i did, i liked the cover so i bought the book, then later to discover it's contents was rather quite fabulous too! Then it came to me, that Katy must have on too.

anyway, humm, bye. xxx

Katy said...

I'm smiling.

Love you, & am so glad you got one for me, I still need to have a look at those things (you know what I mean, I hope)